Announcement- BAD meeting 031112 This next Wed 6-9+PM, SBAY, Real & 1st Virtual

Rick Moen
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:35:59 -0800

Quoting Hereon (

> Welcome, all, to another exciting month of Bay Area Debianness!  You
> are invited to the 1st Real & Virtual BAD meeting!
> I'm calling the November meeting for the second Wednesday of the
> month, November 12, 2003 (The KDE clock-calendar is your friend!) from
> 6:00+ PM to 9:00+. 

Apparently, you are not.  Once again (and more so than last time), you
really should consult the "shotgun rules" page for what is an adequately
specified meeting notice.  That's what it's there for.

> Bottom line:
> We'll meet the 12th someplace.  

Let us know when you intend to call a meeting.

> (in addition to the everpresent "talk-about whatever_is_of_interest
> 'to BAD attendees'" topic) is: let's all GET TOGETHER in real &
> cyberspace, & TRY TO GET AN IRC SERVER GOING, and maybe even VOICE
> COM, between local & remote "attendees", in preparation for doing the

Er, John?  It's actually desd-simple to get an IRC server going.  Have
you ever tried?

(And, in preparation for what-did-you-say?  Not that I have any problem
with a meeting just for its own sake.)

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