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Well, fuck me.  I fumble-fingered over the address.  This should have
gone to BAD (Bay Area Debian).

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Oh Jesus Christ!  Here goes:

This month's BAD meeting will be 7pm, Wed, June 11 at Triple Rock in

Getting to Triple Rock is simple. From BART, exit at Downtown
Berkeley, and go North on Shattuck Avenue 3 1/2 blocks to 1920
Shattuck; you'll see the classic neon sign on your left. Driving from
San Francisco, Marin, or other points, find your way to the 580/80
freeway, take the University Avenue exit, go a couple of miles east,
and take a left on Shattuck Avenue; Triple Rock is 1 1/2 blocks
up. From Cal Berkeley, head west; the pub is 2 blocks from campus near
the corner of Hearst Avenue. Call 510-THE-BREW for personalized

See you there.


p.s. Steve - don't post HTML to the list.  Thanks.
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