ANNOUNCEMENT: Wed. June 12, 2002 BAD meeting (San Francisco)

Rick Moen
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:28:30 -0700

In case you hadn't heard, Jamie Zawinski is hosting a Mozilla 1.0
Release Party at DNA Lounge, Wednesday evening starting 8 PM:

That also happens to be BAD's meeting day. 

The B.A.D. meeting for this month will be held 7 PM at 

El Toro Taqueria,
598 Valencia St. near 17th Street
San Francisco

El Toro is on the west side of Valencia (nearly opposite La Cumbre) near
the north end of the Mission District, is open daily, 10:00am-10:00pm,
and can be reached at (415) 431-3351.  Cash only -- no credit cards.
Web site with interactive map is here: .
They have terrific, cheap huge burritos and are said to have good
Mexican grill.  They do have Mexican beer.

I figure that most of us will finish eating 8-ish, and walk a bit
over 1/2 mile northeast to DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh Street nr. Folsom.

By public transit:  You're only a few blocks south of the Market Street
transit corridor (Van Ness Muni Metro station), one block west of the
Mission Street transit corridor, and one block southwest of the 16th
Street Mission BART station.

By car:  Navigate into the Mission District, and park wherever you
can.  Parking's a bit tight, but no worse than in most of SF.

I'll be driving up from Menlo Park.  Being newly unemployed, I'll
be delighted to pick up anyone along the way who'll chip in $1 towards
gas money.  Call me at 650-561-9820, if interested.

Otherwise, see you there!

Cheers,   The difference between common sense and paranoia is that common sense
Rick Moen     is thinking everyone is out to get you.  That's normal; they are.      Paranoia is thinking they're conspiring.  -- J. Kegler