Hey, So, THAT Was Fun, Huh?

Evan Prodromou evan@debian.org
14 Jun 2001 12:47:01 -0700

>>>>> "CW" == Chris Waters <xtifr@debian.org> writes:

    CW> Not quite true -- what the FHS really says (in essence) is
    CW> that _vendors_ are not allowed to make any assumptions about
    CW> the presence or absence of a dir such as "/path/to".

I'm sorry, but you're wrong on this. I just checked Debian policy,
section 14.8.9b, which states incontrovertably as follows:

        "Users of Debian GNU/Linux who carelessly go around adding
        directories willy-nilly to their systems without strict and
        careful heed of the iron laws of the FHS will be shot, and
        then killed, and then hanged, and then whipped, and then shot
        again, and then hanged some more, and then finally burned as
        the unholy demon heretics that they are. So mote it be."

I'm generously assuming that you have not received the latest
version. I suggest you upgrade as soon as possible.

    CW> Just a quibble, but I want to make sure that nobody gets
    CW> scared of accidentally "deFHS-izing" their systems by creating
    CW> some simple, useful directories.

Right, well, as everyone knows, adding wrong directories not only
violates the FHS but will ruin your drive geometry.


P.S. OK, OK! For the sake of those who are excessively literalist, you
are free to do WHATEVER YOU WANT with your machine. Also, adding a
/dos/c directory will most probably not destroy your drive geometry,
except in extremely weird circumstances.

I only used "drive geometry" because Nick Moffitt and I were
discussing it last night, and how it sounds really scary and bad,
probably because it has math in it.

There! Is my butt covered yet?

Evan Prodromou