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Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre@deirdre.net
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 23:17:53 -0700

At 11:07 PM -0700 8/27/01, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
>I really have to disagree with this. Dimitry is simply trying to pick
>up a project where the official leader is having problems completing
>it and admits that he is very busy. This kind of cooperation should be
>rewarded. I will not tolerate Dimitry being insulted simply because he
>is going out of his way to make this process quick and tolerable for
>all of us.

Actually, he was delayed by two days (not a great amount of time 
really), due mostly to a technical problem. But NO ONE asked for a 
way to contact Rick. He does have backup email addresses delivered 

>As for Rick, he was copied on all the mails in which we decided to do
>this, since the original plan (involving keys being sent by Sunday to
>linuxmafia) would obviously never work.

Yelling into a dead microphone is simply stupid, not due diligence.

>As far as I can tell, Rick
>is angry because Dimitry was the one who stood up and took control of
>a deteriorated situation instead of Rick himself doign so.

Actually, the problem is that no one actually TRIED to reach him 
(other than sending an email to linuxmafia.com).

No one called. No one called him at work. No one tried to reach me (I 
am Rick's wife, which most people know).

He sent out email and, when no one responded, he called Karsten.

>Personally I am completely satisfied with the action plan that was set
>up by us a group, with Dimitry devoting a lot of time into leadership.
>I would like to ask if ANYONE other than a Moen has any problems
>whatsoever with the scheme that we used to complete the key signing
>process. As far as I can tell, we've all received the signatures that
>we wanted, and the keyring that Rick is selfishly demanding adds no
>value whatsoever to the output of this project. Does ANYBODY actually
>WANT this keyring? Speak up! I am very disappointed with the recent
>mail I've seen from Rick, and did not expect him to refuse to
>cooperate with our simple process for accomplishing our goals. The
>rudeness that I saw directed towards Dimitry was so sickening that I
>am ashamed to be echoing part of it here.

You know, no one, until Rick said anything, considered that they were 
being rude *to Rick.* I'm also pointing out that, independent of him 
being my spouse, I'd consider it rude.
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