BAD keysigning -- news

Rick Moen
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 20:30:03 -0700

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 08:17:58PM -0700, Dmitriy wrote:

> I was just hoping to save you extra work, and in no way show my
> disrespect of the effort you put into this.

Someone "hoping to save me extra work" would have inquired about my 
telephone number or some other way to contact me.  However, I'd just
like to be really, really, clear, that my request of this morning, 
that people

1.  wget
2.  Sign it for those attendees you're willing to sign for, and
3.  Send back the modified partypubkeyring.gpg to this mailbox, a slight fix to the agreed-upon protocol.

"People" includes _you_.   I will note that you have not yet done so.

> It wasn't really my decision, I just was more or less informed of it
> by several other people, who suggested I and everyone else should do
> the same.

I honestly could not possibly care less.  From my perspective, it comes 
down to either:

1.  People will send me what I need to complete the job, as agreed, or
2.  They won't (and didn't bother to tell me so).

> I fully respect the time you put into this, and was just trying to
> save you further work.  

OK, here's a clue:  _Don't_ try to reverse-engineer my life and "save me 
further work".  Just either send your signed keyring as agreed, or don't.

> And someone mentioned you were very busy (personally I didn't have 
> your number), so maybe they didn't want to take more of your time, 
> when they knew you were busy.

Again, that might have worked if they had raised so much as a finger to 
let me know that I might _not_ want to bother reconstructing the keyring in
order to carry through on my commitment.  Lacking such notice, I _did_ 
do the reconstruction work to carry out my part.  Now, I've asked people
to carry out their prior commitment, as well.

Now, if you _really_, honestly value my time, you can best help by (1) 
ceasing to raise irrelevant points, and (2) cease ignoring my request.

In fact, an honest "No, I'm not going to send you signatures, regardless
of what I agreed to do, previously" would show considerably more respect 
for my time than your two most recent e-mails.

> Actually that wasn't my decision, I was more or less just informed 
> of that and people suggesed I do the same.

CLUE:  _You_ agreed to a keysigning protocol.  _You_ have recently been
requested to carry through with it.  

Now, either do it or don't, but quit filling my mailbox with irrelevancies 
and evading the point.

> I respect the work you did, and in no way want to say that "oh well,
> we don't care about your work anymore"

The way to show _that_ is to send the signatures as per our protocol, 
so I can finish the job when I have time.

> I was merely informing you of the state of things.

Enough.  Send your signed keyring, or don't.  This repetition of the 
basic point has become ridiculous.

-- Rick M.