BAD keysigning -- news

Rick Moen
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 19:41:20 -0700

[ added to distribution.  My posting address is not
subscribed to the BAD list.]

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 06:40:29PM -0700, Dmitriy wrote:

> I'm not sure there is a point to this, since almost everyone already
> uploaded their sigs on keserver... :-(

I expect everyone to have the decency to respect the considerable amount 
of time I've devoted to this matter, by providing me with the signatures
required to complete the job.  That includes, of course, you -- who have
thus far not done that.

> Most people agreed to this in the discussion, that since no-one voiced
> objections to keys being uploaded, there is not much use to spend time 
> making the merged keyring.

That, of course, would be _my_ time we're talking about.  Time that I've
volunteered in advance, per a protocol everyone understood I would be 
carrying out.  

> (not just IMO, several other people said the same thing, so I guess
> you better spend more time prepearing for presentation) :-)

I will, obviously, be putting together the signed keyring _after_ Wednesday 
morning.  But I lavished some of my sparse time, this morning, to put
together a substitute keyring already.  Which brings me to my other point:

Numerous people on the keyring and on the BAD mailing list have my telephone 
numbers, including cellular.  Yet, nobody saw fit to call me to suggest I 
not bother working on the keyring, on grounds that "almost everyone" made
some alleged private decision to blow away their commitment to me and upload
signatures to a keyserver.

Why is this?  Are you people valuing at cost something (my time and effort) 
that you've been getting free of charge?  Ordinarily, I would not expect to
find that regrettable trait among the Linux community.

This would not be my first disappointment of the day:  Karsten informs me that
at least one of my backup MXes is auto-bouncing all my mail.  (Note that a
backup MX that auto-bounces one's mail is considerably worse than no backup 

Anyhow, despite the no doubt compelling fact that you and unspecified others
made a snap decision to do otherwise (without the courtesy of bothering to 
let me know), my request of this morning stands.  If you folks decide you
aren't going to bother, I'll remember that next time I'm tempted to volunteer
for anything around here.

-- Rick M.