the Linux 10th Anniversary Picnic & Barbecue

Rick Moen
Sun, 12 Aug 2001 19:24:38 -0700

Just to correct my earlier message, my cutoff for receiving public keys
will _not_ be 5 PM, Friday, Aug. 17 (next Friday), but rather the Friday
after that, August 24 -- the day before the Linux10 picnic.

I've started collecting public keyrings, and listing them at , which I'll print out, the evening
before the picnic, and bring one photocopy for each participant.

Post-party details are on that page.  

As to the party itself, I've conducted one at $FIRM, and got through the
business part in about 15 minutes (with about a dozen participants).

Cheers,      "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first 
Rick Moen     woman she meets, and then teams up with three complete strangers       to kill again."  -- Rick Polito's That TV Guy column,
              describing the movie _The Wizard of Oz_