August meeting suggestion

Rick Moen
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 23:48:58 -0700

begin Mike Markley quotation:

> Anyway, I've updated it to the new location... and on a similar note does
> anyone know of an online mapping site that's actually open enough for the
> implied approval that linking from bad brings? :P

My personal strategy is to pull down a map with the exact destination 
marked (as with and
with major landmarks/roads included, convert it to JPEG (no GIFs on my
server until 2002-12-08), and then post it alongside driving / transit / 
parking instructions.

Some people don't like to do that, because they say the users like to 
use the dynamic mapping services to generate directions.  I consider
those auto-generated directions redundant to (and not as good as) my

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