YAJP: Linux business apps development

Stephen Zander gibreel@pobox.com
07 Feb 2000 15:14:59 -0800

I was supposed to send this last week; oh well...

ObDisclosure:  I don't work for these people but I almost did.

@tlas e-solutions, a new startup based in the Financial district of
San Francisco, are looking for folks with OSS experience, particularly
Linux experience tio help develop a suite of <insert your favourite
buzzwords> back-end business applications.  They would prefer Bay Area
residents but are willing to work with telecommuters from instate or
out-of-state if necessary.

Coding experience in <insert your favourite OSS technology> a must,
systems administration and desgin work a plus.

Feel free to contact me/send your resume/ignore everything I've
written and I'll direct you to the right people to speak with.


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