debian business wiki

Jim Franklin
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 17:22:19 -0700

Hi folks
  Things have been fairly quiet on the BAD list.  I was wondering if I
could interest you folks in building a wiki?  A wiki is an idea that
other folks build on with their ideas and still other folks build on
those other ideas etc.
  The question I would pose is what should be in a debian "business
installation package" such as we have with "developer installation
packages"(large and small) and the installation packages for web
developers and so on.
  I would like to gear the question for the small to medium size
business people, say for 1 -100 people, since larger companies and
corporations can afford to put their own departments on the problem, 
whereas the small business owner is usually strapped for cash and
  My belief is that in the practical business world everything should
revolve around choice of database (is this a practical assumption?).  I
myself would choose the postgresql database since it is a fully
functional relational database that is already ported to debian
GNU/linux.  ACEDB runs second because I don't believe it has matured
enough yet.
  I leave the rest of the wiki to the forum if you folks would like to