RMS will be 'round, Aug. 9 - 20

Alan DuBoff maestro@SoftOrchestra.com
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 03:28:29 -0700

Rick Moen wrote:

> <shrug>  First, he's fairly recently spoken to SVLUG, so it's not as if
> it's a burning issue.

Then SLA is the only other room I might be able to stir up. I just sent a
message off to Dave Briccetti, he ran the OS/2 user group there. The other
solution is to let Stallman arrange his own, just as you were intending to do.
That way nobody hears him (not that they won't hear enough of him at

> > Stallman does have a good point, because on one hand there is no
> > question that there is a lot of GNU in Linux, nobody denies that.
> > OTOH, the companies that are making Linux popular are the very
> > companies that Stallman has fought.
> You're skirting the edge of not one but two old flamewars that I have no
> interest in recapitulating, but I will say that your second statement
> in particular sounds factually doubtful:

No, I think you misunderstood. Many of the "proprietary" companies like IBM,
HP, Compaq, even Dell are now trying to get behind Linux. These companies are
the same very companies that RMS has made rabid comments about (not them
specific, but just about companies that produced proprietary solutions), but
the fact that they are actually trying to get on his side really makes a
statement. You can really say that FSF's fight is really starting to pay off
with the popularity of Linux.

> You are being extremely
> non-specific, but I doubt very much you can cite concrete examples
> of Stallman "fighting" companies that have made Linux popular.

I'm sure that you may argue that those companies above aren't really helping
Linux out, that the VA's and LinuxCare's and other companies that are solely
working for Linux are the ones doing the best for it. I wouldn't argue, but
it's the IBM's and the HPs and the Compaqs that have loud voices.

> However, don't take my word for it; ask Stallman.

> Meanwhile, I don't want to sound too curmudgeonly

Sorry about P!$$in' in your cheerios! Just say no to that crack pipe...:-/


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